Tennis Honours Board


YearOpen Mens Singles
2005Nick Mason
2006Nick Andrews
2007Nick Andrews
2008Nick Andrews
2009Peter Chmielewski
2010Nick Andrews
2011Nick Andrews
2012Ryan Johnson
2013Ryan Johnson
2014Ryan Johnson
2015Dan Watt
2016Dan Watt
2017Dan Watt
2018Dan Watt
2019Ryan Johnson

YearOpen Ladies Singles
2005Steph Trill
2006Steph Trill
2007Steph Trill
2008Sally Cleaver
2009Sally Cleaver
2010Steph Trill
2011Steph Trill
2012Steph Trill
2013Steph Trill
2014Izzie Standivan
2015Izzie Standivan
2016Alexia Rodway
2017Steph Heaps
2018Alexia Rodway
2019Alexia Rodway

YearOpen Mens Double
2005Chris Bentley and Jon Whiley
2006Nick Andrews and Keith Rodway
2007Nick Andrews and Keith Rodway
2008John Bradbury and Mike Godwin
2009Peter Chmielewski and Keith Rodway
2010Nick Andrews and Dan Ralley
2011Nick Andrews and Dan Watt
2012Ryan Johnson and Tom Puddefoot
2013Ryan Johnson and Tom Puddefoot
2014Ryan Johnson and Tom Puddefoot
2015Ryan Johnson and Tom Puddefoot
2016Ryan Johnson and Tom Puddefoot
2017Ryan Johnson and Tom Puddefoot
2018Ryan Johnson and Tom Puddefoot
2019Ryan Johnson and Tom Puddefoot

YearOpen Ladies Double
2005Steph Trill and Lucy Warden
2006Steph Trill and Angie Skiggs
2007Sally Cleaver and Steph Trill
2008Joyce Bush and Sally Cleaver
2009Sally Cleaver and Alison Godwin
2010Alison Godwin and Steph Trill
2011Steph Heaps and Steph Trill
2012Sue Landy and Steph Trill
2013Sally Cleaver and Steph Trill
2014Cathy Connell and Izzie Standivan
2015Cathy Connell and Izzie Standivan
2016Steph Heaps and Amanda Oberheim
2017Steph Heaps and Amanda Oberheim
2018Steph Heaps and Amanda Oberheim
2019Steph Heaps and Amanda Oberheim

YearOpen Mixed Doubles
2005Nick Mason and Steph Trill
2006Nick Mason and Steph Trill
2007Mike Godwin and Steph Trill
2008Mike Godwin and Joyce Bush
2009John Bradbury and Sally Cleaver
2010Chris Alpine and Steph Trill
2011Nick Redman and Steph Trill 
2012Nick Redman and Steph Trill 
2013Nick Redman and Steph Trill 
2014Dan Watt and Izzie Standivan
2015Dan Watt and Izzie Standivan
2016Keith Rodway and Alexia Rodway
2017Harrison Heaps and Steph Heaps
2018Harrison Heaps and Steph Heaps
2019Harrison Heaps and Steph Heaps

YearOpen Mixed Handicap Doubles
2005John Bradbury and Sandra Voss
2006John Bradbury and Cathy Connell
2007Mike Rosner and Sally Cleaver
2008John Bradbury and Phyl McEwan
2009Nick Andrews and Amanda Oberheim
2010Gary Waghorne and Amanda Oberheim
2011Alan Osman and Linda Waghorne
2012Alan Osman and Della Standivan
2013Gary Waghorne and Phyl McEwan
2014Mike Rosner and Amanda Oberheim
2015Mike Rosner and Amanda Oberheim
2016Gary Waghorne and Liz Osman
2017John Morgan and Angie Skiggs
2018Barry Ingham and Helen Morgan
2019Gary Waghorne and Sophie Place

YearOpen Invitation Pairs
2007Salva De Libero and Perry Puddefoot
2008Gary Waghorne and Linda Waghorne
2009Harry Puddefoot and Perry Puddefoot
2010Not Held
2011Dean Bignell and Sally Tebbs
2012Dean Bignell and Sue Dyer
2013Barry Ingham and Ashley Pollen
2014Allister Coombe and Glenys Coombe
2015Jane Adams and Sue Sims
2016Dave Barden and Colin Curtis
2017Not Held
2018Bob Sear and Chris Seal
2019Not Held



YearVeteran Mens Single
2005John Bradbury
2006John Bradbury
2007Mike Godwin
2008Mike Godwin
2009Mike Godwin
2010Mike Godwin
2011Andy Fry 
2012Andy Fry 
2013Andy Fry 
2014Andy Fry 
2015Alan Osman
2016Alan Osman
2017Alan Osman
2018Alan Osman
2019Martin Menezes

YearVeteran Ladies Single
2005Jane Hatter
2006Angie Skiggs
2007Cathy Connell
2008Sue Landy
2009Cathy Connell                   
2010Amanda Oberheim 
2011Sue Landy 
2012Steph Trill
2013Cathy Connell
2014Cathy Connell
2015Amanda Oberheim 
2016Cathy Connell
2017Amanda Oberheim 
2018Amanda Oberheim
2019Barbara Hickmore

YearVeteran Mens Doubles
2005John Bradbury and Terry Harris
2006Chris Bentley and Keith Rodway
2007Not Held
2008John Bradbury and Jon Whiley
2009John Bradbury and Jon Whiley
2010Mike Godwin and Terry Avis
2011Chris Bentley and Keith Rodway 
2012Chris Boreham and Andy Fry
2013Chris Boreham and Andy Fry
2014Chris Bentley and Keith Rodway 
2015Chris Bentley and Keith Rodway 
2016Chris Boreman and Andy Fry
2017Malcolm Johnson and Alan Osman
2018Martin Menezes and Keith Rodway
2019Martin Menezes and Keith Rodway

YearVeteran Ladies Doubles
2005Jane Hatter and Chris Harris
2006Alison Godwin and Angie Skiggs
2007Alison Godwin and Angie Skiggs
2008Cathy Connell and Sue Landy
2009Cathy Connell and Sue Landy                      
2010Cathy Connell and Sue Landy 
2011Steph Trill and Alison Godwin
2012Cathy Connell and Sue Landy 
2013Amanda Oberheim and Angie Skiggs
2014Amanda Oberheim and Angie Skiggs
2015Cathy Connell and Della Standivan
2016Amanda Oberheim and Angie Skiggs
2017Amanda Oberheim and Angie Skiggs
2018Amanda Oberheim and Angie Skiggs
2019Amanda Oberheim and Angie Skiggs

YearVeteran Mixed Doubles
2005John Bradbury and Chris Harris
2006John Bradbury and Lesley Chart
2007Phil Parker and Anne Andersen
2008Phil Parker and Anne Andersen
2009Phil Parker and Anne Andersen
2010Bob Balchin and Helen Morgan
2011Phil Parker and Anne Andersen
2012Phil Parker and Anne Andersen
2013Phil Parker and Anne Andersen
2014Les Parton and Carolyn Parton
2015Simon Knight and Amanda Oberheim
2016Alan Osman and Angie Skiggs
2017Alan Osman and Angie Skiggs
2018Alan Osman and Angie Skiggs
2019Nick Redman and Barbara Hickmore



YearSenior Mens Singles
2006Adrian Manning
2007Terry Harris
2008Danny Hellier
2009Mike Rosner
2010Mike Rosner
2011Adrian Manning 
2012Adrian Manning 
2013Malcolm Johnson
2014Malcolm Johnson
2015Alan Osman
2016Andy Fry
2017Not Held
2018Not Held
2019Not Held

YearSenior Ladies Singles
2006Liz Downs
2007Phyl McEwan
2008Phyl McEwan
2009Liz Downs
2010Liz Downs
2011Sally Tebbs 
2012Cathy Connell
2013Cathy Connell
2014Cathy Connell
2015Cathy Connell
2016Cathy Connell
2017Not Held
2018Not Held
2019Not Held

YearSenior Mens Doubles
2006Bob Balchin and Laurie Read
2007Bob Balchin and Laurie Read
2008Brian Beeston and Danny Hellier
2009Bob Balchin and Dave Collins
2010Jay Baltruschat and Dave Collins
2011Adrian Manning and Danny Hellier
2012Adrian Manning and Danny Hellier
2013Phil Parker and Mike Rosner
2014Jay Baltruschat and Nick Redman
2015Malcolm Johnson and Alan Osman
2016Malcolm Johnson and Alan Osman
2017Not Held
2018Not Held
2019Not Held

YearSenior Ladies Doubles
2006Jill Dyer and Marion Longhurst
2007Jill Dyer and Marion Longhurst
2008Joyce Bush and Phyl McEwan
2009Anne Andersen and Liz Downs           
2010Joyce Bush and Phyl McEwan                      
2011Helen Morgan and Lesley Chart
2012Cathy Connell and Sally Tebbs
2013Cathy Connell and Della Standivan
2014Cathy Connell and Della Standivan
2015Cathy Connell and Della Standivan
2016Cathy Connell and Della Standivan
2017Not Held
2018Not Held
2019Not Held

YearSenior Mixed Doubles
2015Adrian Manning and Cathy Connell
2016Alan Osman and Angie Skiggs
2017Not Held
2018Not Held
2019Not Held


Super Senior

YearSuper Senior Mens Singles
2015Les Parton
2016Bob Balchin
2017Jay Baltruschat
2018Malcolm Johnson
2019Eric Stevenson

YearSuper Senior Ladies Singles
2015Joyce Bush
2016Joyce Bush
2017Carolyn Parton
2018Joyce Bush
2019Barbara Hickmore

YearSuper Senior Mens Doubles
2015Jay Baltruschat and Les Parton
2016Jay Baltruschat and Les Parton
2017Jay Baltruschat and Les Parton
2018Malcolm Johnson and Eric Stevenson
2019Malcolm Johnson and Eric Stevenson

YearSuper Senior Ladies Doubles
2015Joyce Bush and Marie Hinch
2016Joyce Bush and Phyl McEwan
2017Helen Morgan and Belinda Pettitt
2018Joyce Bush and Marie Hinch
2019Lin Backley and Belinda Pettitt

YearSuper Senior Mixed Doubles
2015Bob Balchin and Jill Dyer
2016Les Parton and Carolyn Parton
2017Les Parton and Carolyn Parton
2018Jeremy Lineham and Joyce Bush
2019Nick Redman and Barbara Hickmore


Winter Tournament

YearWinter Tournament Mens Singles
2006Nick Mason
2007Mike Godwin
2008Mike Godwin
2009Mike Godwin
2010Chris Alpine 
2011Mike Rosner 
2012Andy Fry
2013Dan Watt
2014Dan Watt
2015Andy Fry
2016Alan Osman
2017Alan Osman
2018Harrison Heaps
2019Harrison Heaps

YearWinter Tournament Ladies Singles
2006Cathy Connell
2007Sally Cleaver
2008Sally Cleaver                                     
2009Sally Cleaver
2010Not held
2011Steph Heaps
2012Steph Heaps
2013Not held
2014Steph Heaps
2015Izzie Standivan
2016Alexia Rodway
2017Angie Skiggs
2018Steph Heaps
2019Alexia Rodway

YearWinter Tournament Mens Doubles
2010Chris Alpine and Harry Puddefoot
2011Perry Puddefoot and Gary Waghorne
2012Tony Aubin and Andy Fry
2013Chris Bentley and Alan Osman
2014Alan Osman and Dan Watt
2015Simon Kinght and Steve Bowes
2016Alan Osman and Dan Watt
2017Alan Osman and Dan Watt
2018Malcolm Johnson and Alan Osman
2019Martin Menezes and Keith Rodway

YearWinter Tournament Ladies Doubles
2010Cathy Connell and Sue Landy
2011Joyce Bush and Sue Landy
2012Amanda Oberheim and Angie Skiggs
2013Sally Cleaver and Sue Landy
2014Cathy Connell and Izzie Standivan
2015Cathy Connell and Izzie Standivan
2016Steph Heaps and Alexia Rodway
2017Steph Heaps and Alexia Rodway
2018Steph Heaps and Alexia Rodway
2019Steph Heaps and Sophie Place

YearWinter Tournament Mixed Doubles
2005Mike Godwin and Alison Godwin
2006Adrian Manning and Cathy Connell
2007John Bradbury and Sally Cleaver
2008John Bradbury and Sally Cleaver
2009Adrian Manning and Cathy Connell
2010Tom Browne and Steph Heaps
2011Adrian Manning and Cathy Connell
2012Adrian Manning and Cathy Connell
2013Mike Godwin and Sue Landy
2014Alan Osman and Angie Skiggs
2015Alan Osman and Angie Skiggs
2016Keith Rodway and Alexia Rodway
2017Simon Knight and Amanda Oberheim
2018Harrison Heaps and Steph Heaps
2019Harrison Heaps and Steph Heaps